Happy news: everyone staying in Quarantine have passed the second COVID test, that was taken yesterday. This means that we are all going to be transported to Oden tomorrow, cut our Quarantine and actually meet everyone in real life! Can't wait for tomorrow! 

Why to study the Arctic climate? Why do I want to go to the North Pole? What is this "SAS" expedition about?

  Traveling up to the North Pole - isn't that everyone's dream? At least it has always been my dream - and finally a dream come true! My interest towards the Arctic (yes that is in the north) grew during my University studies: I wrote my Bachelor thesis at Helsinki University about the influence of clouds in the Arctic on the Arctic climate. Clouds in general has always been my passion - I think clouds are the  window of the atmosphere : they can tell you about the current weather and tell you in case of a change in the weather is to be expected. Let me give you a small science peak into why clouds are som important: Clouds in the Arctic Clouds - consisting of condensed water droplets flying in the atmosphere - in general have two important affects in the weather and climate:  give rise to  precipitation : rain, snow, hail... This of course, affects our life: we might skip our picnic plans if it is raining, go out and build snowmen after a snow event or a farmer is frustrated a